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Company Introduction

38℃ Animation Studio is the most competitive and leading animation studio with state-of-the-art technology and expertise in Korea, providing diverse services and advanced visuals.

In 2011, 38℃ was established in hopes of producing 3D animation for TV and new media contents.
Since then, our team of global professionals have supervised and executed animations for over 50 projects. Our on-set supervisors start their collaboration with major animation studios in the pre-production process, taking each project through post-production in order to ensure consistent production and outstanding quality.

We are now utilizing all our assets and skills to create new contents for the new media.
We are striving to achieve a visually stimulating contents through a compelling story.


Jungle Box

Welcome to a jungle made of boxes! Menageries of unique animals lives together peacefully, each sporting their own unique characteristics. Among them, there is one especially boisterous and unique animal: the human being, Owgli.

One day…
A wooden box falls from the sky right at the center of the jungle. All the animals gather around the strange box out of curiosity. It may have fallen from a cargo plane passing. At any rate.. There are goods from the modern world inside the box.. But how to use such things? The jungle falls into a mishmash and grows chaotic due to the mysterious boxes and the goods they contain. They try to chew them, wear them on their heads and ride on them... leading to a mess of confusion...
Jungle Box

Gotchu Catchu

In the world of ""Gotchu Catchu,"" all women are cats, and naturally, all men are dogs. ""Give"" ""Mee"" ""More"" are three felines with very different personalities and values who live together. Like most women in their early 20s, they enjoy romance, shopping, dating, and clawing up the corporate ladder. Each night they relax and share absurdly amusing anecdotes about their daily struggles and successes. The episodes focus on the replay of the event with added reactions and opinions of the other two cats' unique take on the monologue. The Cat's tales range from botched interviews, disastrous dates, managing being mansplained, compounding anxiety, and the little successes that make you feel small but add up in a big way.

This series captures the hurt of trendy women who can relate and laugh at the highs and lows that life offers in a uniquely imagined and visually entertaining format that is new in Gotchu Catchu.
Gotchu Catchu

Magic Dice

"Magic Dice" is a charming board game animation designed for children aged 4 to 7. The story features three friends: Sebastian, Hilda, and Peter, along with Hilda's two-year-old sister, Emma. In their imaginative play, they are transported to a magical realm filled with fairy tale wonders. Each child transforms into a character matching their game pieces: Sebastian becomes a charming duck, Hilda turns into a delightful chicken, and Peter transforms into an endearing alpaca. Emma remains her adorable baby self throughout their adventures.

"Magic Dice" offers a refreshing break from typical themes like robots, cars, and dinosaurs, instead presenting a unique take on Aesop's fable-like stories. It rekindles the magic of storytelling and the joy of imagination, making it both fantastical and relatable as it follows a group of endearing kids in their imaginative play.
Magic Dice

38˚C Animation Studio

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