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Company Introduction

“DOFALA Inc.”is an animation studio that can provide joy and happiness to people.
As a content producer that creates animation and music, we plan and produce various genres of content based on Unreal real-time rendering technology. “DOFALA Inc.” specializes in content creation. Currently, the animation team, business team, and the sound team are operating from our head office in Korea. We have also established a branch in Indonesia to produce shows through collaboration with our head office team. In addition, we are currently expanding the number of employees for various projects. We are actively contributing to the domestic and international content industry through innovative usage of animation and music.


Dino Powers

In a future where dinosaurs are pets, Choigang and his dinosaur Tyranno discovered a cube that transforms Tyranno into a mechanical dinosaur. They join forces with three heroes as the Dino Powers to stop villain Anti from merging worlds.
After their victory and a brief peace, Toy Star invaders Tano, Nar, and Pank threaten Dino Land, aiming to harness human stress energy with Undermons. With Lucy's advanced tech, the team battles the Undermons to safeguard Earth.
Dino Powers

Hero Riseman

"In Zero City, Scott, a part-time worker and son of a small dumpling shop owner, discovers a powerful Geostone during a routine delivery, thrusting him into a battle against a space monster. Chosen by the previous Riseman, "V", Scott becomes the new hero wielding the "Rise Spark". Transformed into Riseman, he defends Earth from monsters and protects the Geostone.

However, peace is disrupted by Helborg, a colossal mechanical foe. Despite initial defeat, Scott, aided by Techno Sage Carrie, regains his ability to transform. They merge into the ultimate Riseman Grand Form to vanquish Helborg once and for all.
Hero Riseman

Kuang, The Little Dinosaur

Kuang, Carrie, Pico, Greeny, and Tobi are the best friends in Dino Village. Although they have different personalities and appearances, it is this shared love for music that brings them together to form the Dino Band.
The world of these five dinosaur friends revolves around music. Joyful play, the discovery of interesting things, amazing inventions, and even misunderstandings and friendships among them are all expressed and navigated through music, fueling their personal and collective growth.
Kuang, The Little Dinosaur


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