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Company Introduction

MNMedia Co., Ltd. is developing and producing company's IP, Edutainment content "Best Berry Family," and Dessert tour content "Dessert Fairies BerryCat and Cookiedog ".
It is also a professional management company that provides consulting, planning, production management, marketing, investment, and
business rights related to various cultural media contents (films, animation, entertainment, webtoons, MD products) in Korea, China, and even East Asia.


Best Berry Family

Title: Best Berry Family
Season1)Berry Good Farm: Farm Experiences
Season2)Berrycat Gallery: Baking Experiences
Season3)Berry Good Music: Music Experiences
Genre: Edutainment
Format: Kids’ song (sing-along) animation in 2D&3D
Length: 1 min/video (total 34 video, songs in KR,CN&ENG)
Target: 4~7 years old

Edutainment Content <Best Berry Family>
A language learning children's play animation that will captivate children all over the world is here!
Best Berry Family Season 1 "Berry Good Bakery" is a children's animation about "Berry," "BerryCat," and "Cookie Dog"!
And It is an edutainment content that aims to deliver educational elements through , English, Chinese and Korean language education curricula!
In the future, we will expand our MCN business specializing in kids' language education content and
home school channel business to become a brand that communicates with children around the world in various languages!
Best Berry Family

Dessert tour contents "Dessert Fairies BerryCat and Cookiedog "

Title: Berrycat Dessert House
Genre: Comedy, Drama, None verbal
Format: 3D Animation
Length: 3 min X 52 episodes
Target: Gen Z, 20~40 years / (Sub Family)
Dessert fairies Berrycat and Cookiedog love dessert: they appear wherever desserts are, they use special power to make desserts even more delicious!
But sometimes, their love for dessert goes beyond just making delicious dessert. They love to taste that too!
“Wait! You cannot take that Strawberry cake! That’s the last slice!”
“But, but!!!! Can I just have a bite???”
Cute slapstick comedy at a dessert house will bring smile on your face
Dessert tour contents

BerryCat Gallery Cafe

Title: Berrycat Gallery Cafe (Dongtan City)
Concept: Character & Baking Theme cafe
Target: ALL AGE / Family-friendly cafe with baking classes
Point :
Berrycat Gallery cafe is family-friend cafe with baking classes
and gallery for character exhibition.
1) Gallery for Character exhibition: collaboration with various characters every 3 months, display artwork and character merchandises.
2) Baking Classes: Weekly baking classes with curriculum for experience
- Class duration: 50 Min. / Rate: 35,000 KRW per Class
3) Brunch and Character Desserts
- cupcakes, cookies, chocolate and more
4) Character merchandise shop: can purchase Berry Cat
merchandises and other collaboration character goods.
BerryCat Gallery Cafe


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