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Company Introduction

Qtizz is a subsidiary of Jaedam Media, a webtoon company.
Secondary business of webtoon character IP, licensing of Cuties original character IP, animation planning and production, character design, emoticons, character products, collaboration.
Qtizz is an IP business specialized company that develops all-round business related to content IP.


Goodnight Pajamal

Plump animal friends from all over the world gather together for a pajama party!
Goodnight Pajamal is a story about the fun and exciting school life and dormitory life unfolding when cute animal friends from all over the world come to Tongtong International Arts and Physical Education School (Hawaii) to study.
On the weekend night after the art and physical education class is over, the pajama party (pajama + animal) friends have a pajama party at the dormitory. I was tired and fell asleep.
Goodnight Pajamal

Eggoogoo friends

Eggoogoo Friends is a story about the daily lives, small adventures, and travels of egg friends who accidentally broke into the world. Eggoogoo, an egg full of mistakes that broke by accident, and his best friends Mechoo, a timid egg from a steam room, Mac, a timid ostrich egg Tata, a turtle egg with no sense of direction, Addy, a talkative duck egg Duckoo, and Egogo, a mischievous dinosaur egg that woke up from an earthquake.
Eggoogoo friends

Little Minicorn

As a story of the growth of the little unicorns who have fun running around every day at the Rainbow Playground in Cloud Village, Little Minicon has individual birth attributes.
A star who has many dreams and always smiles and thinks interesting thoughts (attributes of a star), Snow (an attribute of snow) with a good heart, Sunny (an attribute of the sun) full of passion, Calm and quiet Luna (attribute of the moon), tearful Clue (attribute of clouds), Fast and brave Li (attribute of lightning), emotional and pure Mint (attribute of plant), Lovely and kind love (attributes of love)
Little Minicorn


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