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Company Introduction

3FRAME is a new media company that merges visual art, storytelling, new media, and space to create XR experiences.
We specialize in creating immersive content, animations, CGI for movies, and commercials.
Our team develops immersive content for commercial spaces, including stores and theme parks and designs media art and installations for cultural venues such as stages, museums, and art galleries.



Social Learning Adventure of Six Unique Sheep, BABA FRIENDS.

BABA VILLAGE, a safe dreamy village, where differences become special!
There live six sheep friends: BORI, JAMBO, MANGCHEE, KENZI, WINNIE, and GOMMIE.
BORI, who can’t hear well but bakes bread for friends.
JAMBO can’t speak but is the best at finding and helping friends in trouble.
MANGCHEE is heaven and earth axis, but eventually learns to get along with precious friends.
KENZI has poor eyesight but is very smart and wise.
WINNIE is sensitive and takes good care of the garden with friends.
GOMMIE gets very shy but willingly performs ballet for a friend in sorrow.
The BABA friends understand and help each other, solving unfamiliar events and problems together.
They spend their fun daily lives together playing marbles, baking bread, fishing, and blowing soap bubbles. Sometimes, they experience magical moments like discovering a universe inside a marble, catching the Big Dipper, flying through the sky, and watching shooting stars.
BABA VILLAGE is a place full of fun and interesting things.


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