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The only platform for Korean IP licensing
To overcome the limitations of traditional IP (trademark, copyright) licensing, we developed a comprehensive licensing management system known as "WITZ SHOP".
"WITZ SHOP" is a comprehensive licensing management platform that enables the entire process of licensing agreements to be conducted online. In addition to facilitating IP licensing transactions, it provides counterfeit monitoring services using AI. "WITZ SHOP" has over 170 famous Korean IPs available for licensing. Through "WITZ SHOP", anyone can easily produce licensed products using Korean IPs. We have also built a network that connects customers struggling to directly manufacture licensed products with their desired IPs, enabling them to produce the items they want.
As the licensing landscape evolves towards inclusivity, WITZ leads the change, committed to a platform-driven solution that streamlines transactions and fosters industry-wide innovation.


Platform for licensing Korean IPs

Discover famous Korean IPs easily on WITZ SHOP
"WITZ SHOP"" is a global IP licensing platform that digitizes and automates the entire licensing transaction process.
Therefore, eliminating the temporal and spatial constraints of IP licensing, we can respond to the rapidly increasing demand for licensing by efficiently processing large volumes of online transactions for product production licensing.
Furthermore, by disclosing transaction terms in advance, we've ensured transparency in licensing transactions, significantly reducing the stress of pre-contract negotiations.
“WitsShop” features over 170 diverse IPs including characters, illustrations, and broadcasting content, webtoon IPs.
Witzshop offers a variety of content IPs for licensed product production, assisting in selecting the most suitable IP for commercializing a product.
If you want to launch products using Korean IPs, start licensing with WITZ Shop.
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Platform for licensing Korean IPs

Kim Seong-mo's IP

The #1 Naver Webtoon, God of comic “Kim Sung Mo IP”
Introducing the IP of Korean cartoonist Kim Sung-mo; no further details necessary. Kim Sung-mo, acclaimed as the "God of Comics" for his numerous masterpieces, is particularly popular among teenagers and men in their 30s and 40s. The phrase 'Further details are omitted' is considered one of the most famous lines in South Korea, with numerous other iconic scenes as well.
Some of his representative works include 'Daetul' and 'Lucky Jjang', and his distinctive humor and expressions have not only given rise to numerous iconic scenes but also served as the basis for internet memes, enjoying widespread recognition across generations.
‘Daetul’ once topped Naver Webtoon charts, and he is currently gaining popularity with his series 'Show Me the Lucky Jjang'.
Kim Seong-mo's IP


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