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Company Introduction

AK Entertainment is a specialized global contents company founded in 2005. We distribute Korean contents including documentary, drama, animation, entertainment to all over the world as well as well-made foreign contents – documentary, drama, feature film - to Korea. Also we started to produce our own contents suitable for diverse media platform from 2016.


Cocomong 3

Cocomong and his friends looking for secret food with full of energy! The Germ King always stands in the way of them, but with Robocong, they get through crisis together.
Finally, they get to learn the importance of food and healthy eating habits in the Refrigerator Land.
* <Cocomong 1> 11'30" x 26 | <Cocomong 2> 11'30" x 26
* <Hello Cocomong 1> 9'30" x 12 | <Hello Cocomong 2> 11'30" x 13
Cocomong 3

Becoming the Monarch

Chris, a 39-year-old mercenary who lost his right arm on the battlefield at the age of 15, has lived with one arm for 24 years. He is trying to learn all kinds of skills to survive. Then one day, he was attacked by someone and swallowed a mysterious treasure called an "Artifact" just before he died. This takes him back to 24 years ago when he still had his right arm.
Becoming the Monarch

AK Entertainment

605, Ace Gasan Tower, 121, Digital-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul 08505, Korea