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Company Introduction

KBS Media: Korea's First and Biggest Content Distributor
Founded in 1991 as a subsidiary group of a public broadcaster KBS - Korean Broadcasting System, KBS Media has been at the forefront of content distribution, achieving record-breaking sales in Korea through domestic and international distribution of TV and VOD rights.
KBS Media played a pivotal role in shaping the K-Wave phenomenon by exporting the TV series 'Winter Sonata' to Japan in 2003 for the first time. It has also worked as a key player in the globalization of K-Content, with the format sales of 'Good Doctor' to America, whose remake version made a huge success. Following the successful path, 'The King’s Affection' made history as the first Korean TV series to earn the honor in the best telenovela category at the International Emmy Awards.
With an ever-expanding presence in the global content market, KBS Media distributes K-Content to over 80 countries across all continents.


Nothing Uncovered

Jung-won enjoys a life envied by many not only due to her successful career as a journalist, but also her marriage to a wealthy writer. One day, she falls into a trap and becomes a suspect of murder case. This leads to an alliance with her ex-boyfriend, a detective, to uncover the truth.
Nothing Uncovered


At the party celebrating the success of the megahit TV-series, CEO of a renowned production company falls from the rooftop and dies! Following the mystery of her death, a story of betrayal, conspiracy, love, and revenge unfolds. The fate entangles between a woman who wanted to possess the world and another woman who was willing to risk everything for revenge.


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Here, the spotlight shines on popular singers whose voices are so unmistakable, that the audience can pinpoint them with just a single line from their songs.
Yet, there's an AI synchronized with these singers' voices with 99% accuracy.
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KBS Media

KBS Media Center, 45, Maebongsan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, 03909, Korea

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