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Company Introduction

Lotte Cultureworks is the umbrella that houses Lotte Cinema and Lotte Entertainment
divisions. Lotte Cinema is a global movie theater business that operates 142 theaters
in Korea as well as 40 theaters in Vietnam. Lotte Entertainment is a fully-integrated
leading entertainment company with global operations in film and TV series
investment, distribution, production, and international sales with hundreds of IP
within its content library. Lotte Entertainment consistently leads the Korean motion
pictures industry in the production and distribution of Top 10 Box Office films
including Along with the Gods, Escape from Mogadishu, Concrete Utopia, and Sleep.
Lotte Entertainment also has developed and produced Netflix Top 10 series including
Thirty-Nine, Palemoon, and The 8 Show.


Pleasant Outcast

Pleasant Outcast, premiered at 2024 Canneseries festival, is based on the best-selling webtoon, Cheerful Outcast.
This 10-part series is a companion piece to the Korean box office smash hit film Concrete Utopia,
which was selected as South Korea’s Oscar contender.
This series is co produced by Climax Studio (D.P., Ballerina, Hellbound, Parasyte: The Grey),
known for its genre expertise in horror, thriller and mystery and Lotte Cultureworks (The 8 Show).

Pleasant Outcast follows Dong-hyun, a high school junior, who barely survives the day-to-day bullying at school.
After wishing everyone would just die, his school building collapses for unknown reasons.
Trapped amid extremely isolating circumstances, the surviving hierarchal power struggles while apocalyptic-like accidents continue to claim more lives.
During this time the students are faced with continuous incidents, confrontations, and collisions.
As the dwindling population tries to survive in this new world, the darker aspect of their true human nature awakens.
Pleasant Outcast

Lotte Cultureworks

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