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Company Introduction

Carriesoft, a content IP-based animation studio, founded in October 2014 and went public on the KOSDAQ in October 2019. With slogans "Make Kids Happy" and "Happy Family," Carriesoft strives to be a comprehensive entertainment company for children and families.
Carrie Animation Studio (CAS) released its first film, "Carrie and Super Kola," in 2023, with a second film and two animated series in production for global distribution by 2024. Carriesoft's YouTube channels amassed over 6 billion views, and partnerships with major Chinese platforms recorded over 7 billion views.
Beyond animations, Carriesoft expanded into diverse sectors such as Performance, Kids Cafe, IP Licensing, Education, Game etc. Performances have attracted a cumulative audience of 700,000. The Web 3.0 metaverse game, "Carrieverse," developed through a joint venture, is set for commercialization in 150+ countries by Q1 2024.


Carrie and Super Kola

My friend 'Kola' gained superpowers...?!
The extraterrestrial 'Master,' who was being chased by the space villain 'Specter,' accidentally crash-landed on Earth and ended up inside the body of 'Kola,' the most precious doll of 'Carrie.' Eleven-year-old CarrieAndFriends were thus introduced to 'Super Kola' for the first time! Thanks to the ability to freely move objects with telekinesis, 'Super Kola' became Carrie's unique secret friend. However, there was no time to enjoy this tranquility as 'Super Kola' was caught on Specter's gang's radar for the excessive use of superpowers and was eventually captured and taken away on the villain's spaceship!
"Brave Carrie's daring mission to rescue Super Power Kola!"
Carrie and Super Kola

Delivery Heroes - Musical Adventure

In the competitive world of delivery services, Eden became a sensation by winning the "Delivery Heroes Contest" with his top-notch drone skills. This victory drew global investors to his family's company, Eden Mobility. However, their promising path took a dark twist when hackers, Hash&Brown, disrupted their plans. To support Eden, Carrie and her friends launched "Delivery Heroes." Amidst this, Rosie assigned Hash&Brown a covert mission, unknowingly involving the heroes in smuggling contraband masked as vitamins. As the mysterious "Itch" disease spread, the heroes were arrested for alleged virus transmission, and chaos ensued as infected individuals transformed into aggressive creatures. Escaping capture, the heroes uncovered counterfeit money and suspected Jason, Unicorn Group's CEO, as the mastermind. Amid rising tension, Jason announced a vaccine while secretly harboring Rosa. Pursuing her to a hidden water park, they unveiled Jason's plan to mutate humans. United with Kola's return, they confronted Jason, defeated him, and exposed the dark forces behind the hacking, securing hope for Eden Mobility and global businesses..
Delivery Heroes - Musical Adventure

Little Carrie's Big Question

Genre : Education, Family, Animation
Discription : 5mins/40eps
The Science Education Animation by Curious Carrie and her BFF A.I. robot, Mr. Egg.
Why does the moon change shape? This animation skillfully answers many questions guiding children through the wonders of science.
Little Carrie's Big Question


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