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Company Introduction

Character Link connects all the differences in the world. It connects all the businesses in the world using contents. Korea's various character links are a platform specializing in advancing into the global market of K-Content, which was established in 2011 with the goal of developing, discovering, and growing contents (characters, animations, webtoons, web novels, fashion, stories, brands, etc.). CEO Cho Tae-yeon will faithfully play his role as a true globalizing platform for Korean content IP based on his 20 years of experience in various content IP businesses at home and abroad, including Spiterman (Marvel), Teletubbies (BBC), My Melody (Sanrio), Starcraft (Blizzard), Pinggu, Domogun (NHK), Byul (Shine), Oktonut (BBC), Ebichu, Fatty, Jelly Bear, and Louette Beaden.


Dalli in Moonshadow

1. A work of art that expresses the beautiful night scenery of the earth consisting of the moon and shadows in the night sky under the concept of the truth of difference, and digital art based on it. Digital art that is expressed with Dali, the moon shadow in the work.
2. Concept: Expressing beautiful moon shadows on the earth when the moon rises. A peaceful world where different people understand each other and live together. How beautiful a world is it because it is different?
3.Color: Cobalt Blue, Yellow, Black
4. Characteristics: Characters in a wide variety of shapes according to their individuality, the sun, moon, and the earth are represented by rotation and revolution
Dalli in Moonshadow

Jelly Bear

1. Jelly Bear Birth Story:
Six white bears in Greenland want to have color, so they go to the magical castle and ask, and they find that if they give people hope and joy, they can have color. They eat mysterious jelly, eat candy, mango, pinky, soda, Abo, and beat. They leave the island to give people a different pleasure with new names and colors
2. Year of birth: 2019
3. Brand collaboration: Lotteria, CGV (No. 3), Gongcha, Photoism
Gongcha - Global Bubble Tea Franchise Brand With Over 1600 Affiliates in 20 Countries Around the World
Photoism - The world's largest unmanned self-photo brand with more than 1,000 franchises around the world
Jelly Bear

Character Link

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